Need to check something out in person? To see the texture? Color? Test it out before committing? We’ve got these issues too!

Can I order a sample?

Of course! We will happily provide a sample of the product(s) that you are interested in reviewing. Just let the Account Manager you’ve been working with know what you would like to review and he/she will send you an invoice for the product(s) plus shipping. Once the invoice is complete, our team will have the product(s) shipped to the location of your choice.
If you would like to return the product(s), let your Account Manager know and they will let you know where to ship the return. If you are in love and want to keep it, be our guest!


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Can I order a decorated sample?

Most likely! Let the Account Manager you’ve been working with know that you would like to see a decorated sample and he/she will get you an invoice for the product(s), pre-production decoration cost, and shipping. In order to create pre-production samples (or a single unit of decorated product), our team will need your vectorized logo in .ai or .eps format. Once the invoice has been completed, our team will get your product(s) into production.

Please note that decorated (pre-production) samples are not recommended. They can take up to 4 weeks to produce, are costly, and can not be returned or refunded. That said, we understand that sometimes you need them and we are happy to help!

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There can be a lot of aspects to putting together a corporate program but we are here to simplify that. Got questions? Let’s see if we can answer them! Still have more questions? Reach out! We are happy to walk through them with you!

Can you help me collect sizing?

Yes, we can! Let your Account Manager know that you need to collect sizing and we will create a custom form that collects gender and sizing information. Our team will then send the questionnaire to you to send to all of your lucky recipients. The recipient responses will automatically be sent to us as the questionnaires are completed!

Can you help me find the right products for a custom bundle?

Absolutely! This is one of our favorite things to do! Just let us know if you are interested in creating a custom bundle. Our team will likely ask about what you have gifted in the past; if there is a theme or particular product you would like to center the gift around and who the recipients are. We will then get back to you with a proposal. The more information we get regarding the goal or purpose of your gift, the better the chance we have of knocking it out of the park on the first shot!

Will you use this information to market to me?

We will not use any information other than your email to market. All prospective clients and existing clients are added to our email list. We occasionally send emails about new products and brands, new services and special offers, and upcoming deadlines. That said, we hate getting spammed so we will only send exciting and important updates.

Will you use this information to market to my gift recipients?

Absolutely not! Everything we receive from your logo to your shipping list is completely private.

Do you offer any other brands besides what is showcased on your website?

Yes, we are happy to “source” product(s) for you! Let us know what you are interested in, the price point per unit, and the total number for your order and we will happily suggest some options from the hundreds of products we have sourced for various programs.


Brand guidelines, Pantones, the need for logo redesign… you name it! We’ve seen it all!

Can all of Lennox Co’s products be customized?

About 99% of the products that we carry can be customized, however, there are a few things that we are not able to brand.

What will we need to customize your product selection?

Thanks for asking! In order to customize the product(s) you select, we will need your vectorized logo in .ai or .eps format. If you are not sure where to find this version of your logo, we can help.

How do I approve customization?

We will send you a proof for your approval prior to production. When you receive your proof, we recommend that you review it for size, color, placement/location, and accuracy. If there is an issue, please respond to your Account Manager letting them know your concern. If everything looks good, please let them know that the proof is “approved” and they will get your order into production!

How long do products take to customize?

Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward answer on this one. Lead times for customization depend on the product, quantity, decoration method, and seasonality. We have products that can be customized and shipped in 10 business days and some that can take a few weeks. If time is a concern, please let our team know and they will help find products and decoration methods that fit into your timeline!

How will recipients know the gift is from me? Can I send a card?

100% and we recommend it! We handle cards in a couple of ways:

  1. You can send us your written cards and we will include those in the recipients’ gifts.
  2. Ask us! We can have cards printed or cards handwritten. Please note (it’s a pun), that the cost for printed cards will be assessed based on the number of cards or based on the requested message for handwritten cards.

Our one request: please let us know if you are interested in personalized or generic cards! It makes a difference in how we fulfill your gifts.


We’re not Amazon but we’ll do everything we can to make the process just as easy!

Can I send gifts to recipients in multiple locations?

That’s what we are here to do! In order to ship to multiple locations, let your Account Manager know and they will send our shipping form for you to complete. Please note that if we are shipping internationally, we will require your UPS or FedEx account information. For more information see our international shipping policy.

Can you help us collect shipping addresses?

Yes! Just let our team know that you are interested in collecting shipping information from your recipients. We will create a questionnaire that collects the information for you to send to your lucky recipients. The recipient responses will automatically be sent to us as the questionnaires are completed!

Tell me more about domestic shipping!

We ship from Denver, CO which via ground service has a 2-4 day ship time to most of the country. Please note that shipping times do vary by season. If you need your gift by a specific date, please let your Account Manager know so that they can be cognizant of that in planning out your program.

If you need your service level upgraded, no problem! Just let us know how you would like your program sent and we will get that in motion.

Tell me more about international shipping!

We can happily ship your gifts overseas, however in order to do so we will need your corporate UPS or FedEx account and the affiliated zip code. We do this to make sure that all international duties and VAT is charged to our client and not the gift recipients!

Will I receive tracking information?

Of course. If you run a drop-shipping program, we will send you a spreadsheet with your recipients and the corresponding tracking numbers.


Sometimes it doesn’t work out… let’s see if we can get that resolved!

How do I return a sample?

Let your Account Manager know that you are interested in returning the product(s) and they will send you the correct return address.

A product in my package arrived damaged, what should I do?

We carefully hand package all of our bundles and gifts and are committed to making sure that they arrive safely intact but if something arrives broken, please contact our team at [email protected] and we will make sure to get you a replacement ASAP.

I am interested in returning an undecorated product, can you help?

We don’t accept returns or exchanges on products unless something arrives damaged or defective.

I am interested in returning a decorated product, can you help?

We don’t accept returns or exchanges on products unless something arrives damaged or defective.


Here’s the nitty gritty – we want to make this work so let’s talk through your budget and timeline early!

How Do I Pay For An Order?

Good question! We will send you a payable invoice. You can complete the invoice by credit card, check, ACH, or wire transfer. Once payment is received, our team will let you know and get the project moving!

Does Lennox Co. offer NET Terms?

Yes, we offer NET terms and conditions upon request to clients after the completion of their first program.

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