When it comes to choosing the right gifts, we’re on the journey with you, end-to-end.

From brand and product recommendations and sourcing, through branding and personalization.

We’ll even handle inventory storage, warehousing and shipping on demand, to wherever you need it.


  • New Brand Outreach
  • Speciality Sourcing
  • Product Development
  • Product Manufacturing

We have had the great fortune of partnering with some fabulous brands and building wonderful relationships, but we’re always looking to expand and explore new opportunities! Are you interested in collaborating with a certain company to create unique, customized products? Reach out to us – we are passionate about crafting the perfect gift and forming lasting connections with new partners.


Brand partnerships


  • Kit Curation
  • Custom Branded Products
  • Speciality Sourcing
  • Product Development
  • Product Manufacturing

Customizing products can be a tricky task since there are so many possibilities. We handle standard product decoration methods such as printing, embroidery, debossing, and laser etching, and also specialize in complex customizations that require a combination of a hybrid of techniques.

Factors such as budget, product choice, intended use, logo and branding, and the durability of the design all play an important role in determining the best customization option.

Unboxing & Packaging

  • Unboxing Experiences
  • Presentation

Everyone loves receiving something special, and Lennox Co. is here to make sure each gift is unique and memorable. Our packages are exclusively customized with one-of-a-kind ribbons, inserts, wrapping tissues, and video mailers to ensure the unboxing feels like a VIP experience. Whether it’s for a work anniversary, milestone, or new hire onboarding, our team will make sure that each gift is something to be remembered.

Fulfillment & Shipping

  • Kit Assembly + Packaging
  • International Shipping
  • Drop Shipping
  • Bulk Shipping
  • Palletizing
  • Tracking
  • Insurance

From selecting the right product, to arranging it in the appropriate packaging, to pulling the correct size and adding cards —  fulfillment is a vital step in the process to ensure your gifts reach their intended recipient in perfect condition.

Shipping goes hand-in-hand with fulfillment, so we offer our clients options of drop-shipping to each recipient individually, bulk shipping or palletizing for a timely arrival to your conference. We take great care in handling the logistics to make sure your gifts are sent correctly and arrive on time.

Executive Closets/On-Demand Programs

  • Warehousing
  • Direct Mailer
  • Automated Request Platform
  • Inventory Management
  • Microsites Available
  • All request ship within 48-hours
  • Personal account manager
  • Blind shipping

Offering bulk orders and inventory storage is the perfect way to make gift-giving easy and hassle-free, no matter the size or scope of your gifting needs. Our team will provide you with customized solutions for all of your gifting needs — from bulk orders to storage and shipping. We will handle the entire process for you so that you can focus on more important matters. 

Whether you are looking for corporate gifts, employee appreciation, or client rewards, we have the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of items from high-end items to more budget-friendly options, so you can be sure to find something that fits your needs and cost. Plus, our inventory is always expanding and updating, so you can be sure to have the latest and greatest gifts.

Company Stores

  • Branded Web Storefronts
  • e-Commerce Insights
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Payment System Integration
  • CRM Integration

If you’re looking for a new way to share your company’s merch with the public or just your organization, consider creating a company store. Having a company store is perfect for reaching new audiences and letting your recipients pick the products they prefer. We offer a range of interchangeable options for company stores depending on your inventory, company size, and intended use.

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Marketing Campaigns

  • Product Correlation/Pairing
  • ROI Tracking Possibilities
  • Data Collection

We specialize in creating marketing strategies that build meaningful connections with your target audience. We’re here to assist you with both internal and external marketing campaigns, ensuring that you reach all your goals without having to worry about the details. Leave it all to us!

Brand Support

  • Identify Colors
  • Develop Event or Promotional Logos
  • Create Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Positioning

If you are looking for assistance in developing and optimizing your company, department, or event’s branding and brand guidelines, we have you covered. We can modernize outdated branding and create custom branding specifically suited to your event or situation. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.

On-Site Gifting Suites

  • Product Options
  • Presentation & Display
  • Individual Selections
  • Take-home Gifts
  • On-site Support

Let us help with your on-site gifting tables – whether at a President’s Club or golf outing – your recipients will go home with gifts of their choice and their size, where applicable. Our team is here to help make you look good!

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