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5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

25 May 2022
5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Engaged This Summer

The sun is finally out, Denver! Are you staring out your office window daydreaming about the next time your toes get to hit a sandy beach? If your answer is yes, chances are your clients, colleagues, and employees are thinking the same thing.

Studies show that productivity hits a sharp decline in the summer months, as can be expected. So how are you going to keep your people happy, connected, and focused all summer long? Here are 5 ways to keep your employees connected this summer.


Make sure employees take their vacations

Even the most die-hard workaholics need vacations whether they know it or not. Time away from the office gives our brains time to reset and recharge, giving the minds working on serious projects a nice break. Afterwards, employees and colleagues come back to work with fresh ideas, confidence, and more ways to accomplish goals than before.

Set summer goals and offer a reward for reaching them

It’s no secret how much Denverites love sports. Encourage your employees during the summer months to hit their goals by rewarding them with gifts for tailgating like a custom YETI cooler, or blankets and drinkware in your favorite team's colors. If your employees are tailgating, show them your appreciation by gifting them something thoughtful they’ll use over and over again.

Create a summer event schedule

Give your employees something to look forward to like National Road Trip Day on May 24, or National Leave The Office Early Day on June 2. You know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” the same goes for your employees. Their mental health and happiness at work can boost their productivity giving you better deliverables. Take these holiday celebrations to the next level by giving them a nice gift to celebrate these days like a custom branded park blanket or branded water bottle for a road trip.

Host a virtual event during work hours

For those with hybrid offices or work-from-home employees post-pandemic, hosting a virtual event during working hours like a “Lunch and Learn” or Coffee Tasting is a fun way to give your employees a break while still remaining connected. These experiences can feel like playing hooky while still on the clock, which can help them clear their minds, connect with one another, and give them a much-needed break.

Encourage movement

Getting your employees or colleagues moving will not only help their mental state during this transitory summer, it’ll help them feel more focused while they’re at their desk. Encourage colleagues to join a virtual yoga class, or go for walks at lunch time. Whether you’re gifting a fitbit or a movement experience, getting your office moving will help with productivity and morale in the long run.
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