Gifting Locally With Evermore Partners

4 Oct 2023
Allie Travis
Gifting Locally With Evermore Partners

As a pillar of our ethos, Lennox is always striving to connect with other businesses to partner with and support. Denver-based Evermore Partners, a commercial real estate investment firm, has partnered with Ridgefield, CT-based New Castle Hotels & Resorts to acquire the Montana Marriott Portfolio, a 175-key Residence Inn by Marriott. Along with this property, they have also acquired The Mercantile, a 20,000 square feet of irreplaceable retail assets located in downtown Missoula, Montana.

Expanding into Montana is a monumental step for Evermore, engaging with a vibrant community in the Rocky Mountain region and adding to the already important history of downtown Missoula.

Local Independent Partners

To help Evermore in their acquisition, Lennox Co. was able to be a part of welcoming their partners to the local Missoula area, creating a one-of-a-kind thank-you gift with a selection of locally crafted goods paired with a customized Pendleton blanket. A Montana coffee from Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, Montana-grown wild huckleberry jam paired with huckleberry tea, as well as natural raw honey and a Glacier National Park scented candle. We felt that creating something that felt warm and welcoming was the perfect welcome gift, and finished off with a custom box with a panorama of Missoula, Montana on it. Finding a way to support businesses local to the economy and community felt extra special for this project, and we were thrilled to get to work to achieve Evermore’s thoughtful vision.

Local Independent Partners

In a market whose growth is as exciting as Montana’s is right now, we’re thrilled about Evermore Partners’ continued expansion and success and loved being a part of this pivotal project.

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