The Art of Simple Branding

Client Spotlight: Verkada

4 May 2023
Lexie Bunim
The Art of Simple Branding

We understand that in the world of branding, there is often a “more is more” mentality. And while we agree that there is a time a place for a 27-color logo, the best investment is in the simple stuff.

So, let’s start by defining what simple branding is. Simple branding is when you use a straightforward, minimalistic approach to branding your business. You don’t need to spend millions on a fancy logo or a catchy slogan.


Instead, you focus on creating a recognizable brand identity that is easy to remember. Think Nike…You know, the one with the swoosh? Yeah, that one. Did you know that Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, only paid $35 for it back in 1971? I’m not kidding. $35 for one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Now, let’s do some math. Nike’s current brand value is estimated to be around $32 billion. That’s billion with a “B”. So, if we divide that by the $35 Phil Knight paid for the logo, we get a return on investment of…wait for it…914,285,714%. That’s right, almost a billion percent return on investment.

Obviously, not every story will be that of Nike but it is worth remembering. The company has attempted to rebrand in nearly every decade but has always returned to its roots.

Verkada continually offers their employees and clients simple and often subtly branded gifts and the reason: versatility. They know their recipients are much more likely to wear the same piece from a hike to a meeting to dinner if they don’t splash their name across the piece. Not only is it more sustainable (allowing them to invest in quality brands) but it ensures they are getting a higher ROI.

“ We love working with Lennox Co. We're always looking for creative, usable and cutting-edge gifts for our internal team as well as our partners -- and Lennox Co always delivers. We'll share a simple description of an event and the Lennox team will present us with clever, high-quality options that are aligned with our brand, budget and goals. ”
Bailee Davis
Verkada Channel Sales Operations
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