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The Lennox Co. Difference

25 Apr 2023
The Lennox Co. Difference

At Lennox Co., gifting isn’t just a business model, it’s our passion.

The Lennox Co. experience is different from other gifting companies out there because we’re with you every step of the way. We guide you through the entire process, making sure everything goes smoothly.


Premier Products

Interested in putting together a gift with the trendiest of products?

We’ve done the research, we’ve followed the top new product releases, and now you get to offer the best, the tastiest, and the latest-and-greatest to your clients and colleagues.

Thoughtful Sourcing

Looking to gift a very specific thing you don’t see on our website?

No problem! Because we’re an agile team, we can get down into the details of sourcing the best option you’re looking for.

We’ve had a few wild requests, and we’re always up for the challenge. We’re happy to do the research for you, and do our best to get you what you’re looking for.

The products we regularly carry on our website and include in our bundles are highly curated. We do our best to work with brands who not only make great products, but try to make the world a better place. For example, the Paravel Carry-On luggage we carry has a net-zero carbon footprint. We also work with brands like Bombas, who have an excellent buy-one-give-one model and have donated over 40 million items to homeless shelters across the country.

Custom Packaging

The experience of giving a gift doesn’t end with the item.

We focus on creating polished, elevated packaging and unboxing experiences that will wow your clients and colleagues from the moment they pick up the gift off of their desk or bring it inside their home.

We work with our clients to design a meaningful package as well as a gift, presentation is everything!

We can package and present your unique gifts in an entirely customizable way – from colored crinkle paper to custom tape to a fully custom shipping box – the possibilities are endless.

On-Demand Programs

Sometimes you may want to gift the same product to all new hires throughout the year.

We are happy to store the product for you and then ship out on-demand, when the new hire is onboarded. A similar strategy can be implemented for work anniversaries, life milestones, or any other event.

This takes the headache out of regular gifting programs. No need for a secret storage closet to stash gifts when someone is onboarded, just let us know and we’ll ship your gift within 24 hours. No storage and no shipping!

International Fulfillment and Address Collection

Don't know where to send your recipients gifts? Have some recipients overseas?

No worries! We take on the burden of international custom documentation and address verification. Sending gifts to a large group of people where you don’t have everyone’s address yet, or not sure where they are currently residing? Use our free address collection forms to gather all the more accurate data.

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