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How To make the Transition Back to the Office

25 Aug 2022
How To make the Transition Back to the Office

From what we hear, it sounds like a lot of companies are transitioning back into the office (and we are doing the same)! But the transition back can be a little awkward. Camaraderie and rapport may have dissipated but with a conscious effort can surely be regained.

Here are some of our favorite tools for bringing the office back

Start with a get together - a non-work related event!

Minimize those “back to school” jitters by bringing your team together prior to the office return. Host a BBQ in a park, a beach day, plan a field trip or a city-wide scavenger hunt.

Start a recreational Slack channel

Find out what your team is excited for, what they value and what they miss about the office! Giving superlatives (either serious or humorous), running polls to find out what your team values in their in-office experience, and the team’s favorite lunch spots is a great way to break the ice.

Bring back lunch!

Ordering lunch for your team is an easy way to show you care and are putting your colleagues first. We love supporting local. For those who are Denver-based, here are some of our favorites: Illegal Pete’s, Denver Milk Market, and Kaffe Landskap (but we also can’t resist our nearby Sweetgreen).

Creating fun summer competitions

Competitions with awesome prizes can incentivize both outgoing and shy colleagues to join in! A potluck cooking competition, fitness programs with set challenges, prank wars between departments or daily trivia are easy ways to begin to build back your community!

Volunteer together!

Does your company have a volunteer program or reward volunteering? Getting your team together outside of the office always helps to break down barriers - plus it leaves everyone feeling good. Your local Patagonia store is a great way to hear about environmental volunteer opportunities.
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