The Company:

Comcast is one of the largest media companies in the world, partnering with nearly 1000 companies internationally to provide high-quality, reliable, and innovative media experiences for millions to enjoy. In 2021, the leading company’s Technology Solutions division reached its 10 millionth subscriber milestone, sooner than expected. To express gratitude for their hard-working Content & Streaming Providers who helped accomplish this goal, Comcast’s marketing team reached out to Lennox Co. for timeless and exquisite gear.

The Ask:

When it came down to finding the best swag for Comcast’s Content and Streaming Providers team, we took into account the recipient’s locations – turns out we were shipping to 5 different continents! Secondly, we were told that Comcast would be reaching its milestone within a few weeks, so it was time to act fast so that everything would be delivered with perfect timing.

Delivering almost 500 bundled gifts, including size and gender-inclusive customized jackets, across five continents — each country having its own set of shipping guidelines and restrictions — was a job that only we could perfectly execute.

The Deliverable:

We are known for our warm and approachable communication style, as well as our transparency, so once we realized the extent of this project, it was important to us to recommend to our client to avoid selecting tech-savvy swag like speakers or wireless chargers due to requiring different adapters with specific voltages — not to mention, higher tariffs for international shipping.

Taking everything into consideration, we wanted products that were universal, easily recognizable, and practical. The final decision included a quarter-zip pullover, YETI tumbler, journal, pen, and a personal card from the General Manager of Content and Streaming Providers.

Working together with the creative team, we created a one-of-a-kind 10 million logo and used elegant black presentation boxes with custom-printed belly bands to complement products. 

Secondly, to ensure the recipients’ sizes and addresses were submitted and accurate, we managed a custom collection form and gathered the information for roughly two weeks.

From planning shipping in advance (starting with those living in the farthest international locations and ending with those who lived closest to our CO warehouse) to walking our client through the process of picking products we feel were keys to a successful program. 

Comcast’s Content and Streaming Providers Team received the majority of their gifts within 1-2 days…which is extremely impressive considering the range of locations! 

“ Everything produced has received major reviews from our internal & external partners - very professional and customizable! Not your typical corporate gifting company - they bring experience to your front door. ”
Samantha Crowe
Comcast Technology Solutions
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