Product launch direct mailers

The Task:

Riondo, a leading international wine brand, was ready to launch and showcase their newest product, the Riondo Prosecco Rose. Months prior, Italy instituted a policy allowing rosé to be considered as prosecco. This meant that wine competitors would be swarming to get their own brand of  prosecco made with pinot noir varietals stocked and sold across wine shops worldwide — but Riondo was determined to be the first to do it. 

The game plan? Impress corporate buyers and wine enthusiasts— think bar, restaurant, and liquor store managers, bloggers, and media personnel— into choosing Riondo Prosecco Rose as their go-to wine. Our client wanted their product to be featured on various restaurant happy hour menus, displayed at the front of wine stores, showcased at eye level on all shelves, and praised in blogs and articles by top writers who picked Riondo as their preferred Prosecco Rose once the policy came into effect.

The Program:

In order to grab the attention of corporate buyers in the market, The Lennox Co. team created an eye-catching candy-striped PR box with Riondo’s logo in the front. Inside, the retro-inspired PR box contained playful rosé shaped Sugarfina gummy bears, chocolates and the star of the show: the “Rosécco.”

Initially, we considered making the interior of the box pink — however, once we saw how beautiful the pink packaging for the Rosécco was, we decided to choose a white interior with an illustration that looks like wine is pouring out with Riondo’s tagline “Take a ‘Secco To…”

The Outcome:

We also sent key buyers a card encouraging them to celebrate special moments in their lives with some Riondo Prosecco Rose, featuring the wine’s notes and best food pairings for the full tasting experience. 

Following the Prosecco Rosé Launch, the bubbly and vibrant boxes were very well received. Our client was ecstatic to report that the PR campaign resulted in impressive sales and clear ROI. 

Take a look at their amazing product and let us know what you think!

“ We worked with Lennox Co to develop product launch kits for two of our brands. They understood the uniqueness of each project and provided expert knowledge, clear communication and were always quick to inform us if there were any changes. Both projects turned out even better than I could have imagined and Lennox Co continued to go above and beyond for us to ensure that our kits were delivered on time and in perfect condition. The ladies at Lennox Co are thoughtful, resourceful and highly valued partners to our company. ”
Sivan Fernandez
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