Insight Global's Titan Award


Every year, Insight Global awards their Titans – 50 individuals that represent the ultimate standard of excellence. Candidates are nominated by colleagues for going above and beyond to uphold company values, improve Insight Global’s workplace culture and show what a true leader looks like.


Our client emphasized the importance of finding a gift that was fully tailored, personalized and functional for long-term use, acknowledging each individual’s tremendous accolades. Titans are your real life superheroes and we were set on giving them a high-caliber gift fit for a Titan. 


This program required a unique approach of looking for high-quality, desirable brands that could be subtly branded or personalized. We wanted truly timeless pieces that will stand the test of time while still speaking to a broad range of recipients.

The goal was and continues to be: remind Titans of their outstanding character without making them a walking billboard for the award itself.

We know what we are sharing is vague…but the program is ongoing. Every year, we re-develop the gift but keep a few signature elements. If you are interested in learning more, we are more than happy to further outline this incredible gift full of top-tier brands!

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