TA Realty 40th Anniversary

The Task

TA Realty reached a major milestone: 40 years in business! To celebrate they invited their team to an exhilarating four-day retreat in Cape Cod. They reached out to Lennox Co. six months in advance to find the perfect gifts to thank their team — from the longtime favorites to the newcomers —for their hard work.

The Solution:

TA Realty’s brand aesthetic is modern meets old Americana, so it was important for us to curate gifts that were reflective of their image. The company recognized early on that they didn’t want these gifts to look like a public advertisement for TA Realty – the point of the program was to show their appreciation and encourage celebration. Lennox provided all the key elements to set the tone.

From the moment the company loaded the bus from their Boston office, it was time to celebrate. The trip started with a welcome bag containing champagne, tumblers, and celebratory snacks. 



When they arrived at the Chatham Inn & Bars, each attendee received a personalized Sea Bag (made of recycled boat sails) — totes for women and duffles for men. 

Each person’s bag included a jacket in their selected size, a Polaroid camera to commemorate, and a “survival kit” to keep the party going.

Subtlety was key… we know, these photos don’t look subtle but the client’s choice to simply brand the sleeve, inside of the bag and pouch was quite reserved. In addition to using the client’s primary logo, we developed an exclusive anniversary logo with understated branding that paid homage to the firm’s four decades in business.



“ Lennox's expertise has saved me so much time researching, managing vendors on my own, packaging, mailing, etc. They are professional, trustworthy, have a high attention to detail and are all around just pleasant people to work with! In summary - they have made me better at my job and I can't recommend them enough! ”
Bethany Mojica
Investor Relations
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