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Christmas in July

A friendly reminder to start thinking about holiday gifts

29 Apr 2021

The legend of how “Christmas in July” came to be is a bit of a mystery ― some stories say that it was invented at a summer camp in the 1930s. Regardless, the first known pop culture reference was the 1940 movie Christmas in July. “The plot? A man’s colleagues prank him into thinking his work won a $25,000 prize—and he goes on a jolly spree of generosity”. That said, the off-season celebration has become a marketing and retail phenomenon.

But we are not here to promote the marketing tactic or to throw fake snow, rather to share that this isn’t a bad time to start thinking  about your actual holiday gifts (the ones that happen in December).

Now if planning seems impossible we understand but we encourage those who are making the arrangements to start asking about the following:


Who are the recipients?

Clients? Your team? New Hires? Execs? Board Members?

Will everyone receive the same gift or will there be tiers?

While it might seem more complicated, sometimes splitting the program into multiple tiers allows gifting to a broader audience.

Can we ask?

Is there a budget?

Will gifts be shipped to individuals or to offices or to both?

Do you want the gifts given out in the office? At your company holiday event? Or should we ship them to recipients at home?

What has been given in the recent past?

Was anything a “home run”?

How branded should it be?

Would you like your gifts branded with a logo? Or do you prefer custom packaging?

We all know the last two years have been different (to say the least)! For us, in corporate gifting, they have come with manufacturing delays, imports issues, inventory shortages, slowed shipping, and more. Unfortunately, we expect some of these challenges to last into the new  year.


Figuring out your holiday gifts early is only beneficial – resulting in the most options, the most inventory, time for complex designs, time for elements of personalization (if desired) and more!

Have an idea of what you are looking for and don’t see it on our site? No problem. Let’s talk about it.

Sourcing or finding feasible gift options based on your guidelines, is a huge part of our business. Feel free to explain what you’re looking for, ask us about a specific brand, or even a specific product.

We get it, the holidays are far away…go enjoy the rest of summer! But let’s be sure to connect early in the Fall and get your holiday planning checked off the list!

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