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Fall Favorites

14 Sep 2021

Is there anything better than Fall?

There’s back to school energy in the air, food is full of warm spices, nights get a little cooler… point is, don’t get us started. The list is endless and includes fall gifting. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a big increase in fall programs and we are here for it! Maybe it’s that we are all trying to recreate that “back to school” feeling or perhaps it’s the first time that calendars line-up for retreats and in-person meetings after busy summers.

This year, we are approaching fall with new products, new brands and new bundles! We are thrilled to be introducing three new brands that we love:


The ultimate staple brand! RP, as we lovingly refer to them, makes practical, cozy products that hold up for endless use. In addition to creating products meant to be lived in, they have missions that we happily stand behind: 1% For The Planet alliance, focusing on sustainability, voter registration, and social justice. Whether you are re-upping your SWAG or looking for a cozy fall gift, your recipients will thank you!

Native Union

This stuff is tried and true. Our Native Union chargers have traveled the globe with us and make our day-to-day life possible! You will rarely find us without our Belt Cables and Protective AirPod cases. The brand was built over 10 years ago by John and Igor who met at a co-working space in Hong Kong. Their goal –  really to empower the modern lifestyle – one in which being on-the-go is the norm and giving people flexibility is essential. “Creating products that support this new way of life with enhanced functionality and refined style, we hope to give people the confidence to pursue their own passions”.


A recent and happy brand and product discovery.  Occasionally brands send us samples (so generally we test them out but rarely are they game-changer). Using eco-conscious and sustainable materials, FluidStance is changing your posture and productivity simultaneously. If you didn’t catch on before, FluidStance blew us away. After a week on our “The Level”, we knew we needed to order more for the team. If your team needs a change, we think this is worth a try.

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