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Thank You Postal Workers

1 Jul 2022
Thank You Postal Workers

To start, there’s a lot of news about supply chain issues. Surely you’ve heard about the increased cost of lumber, delays at the ports, and backlog of shipments. These supply chain teams don’t always get the credit they are due. So…


We figured we take a moment on, National Postal Worker Day, to say THANK YOU to all the people and systems that make our job possible. We rely heavily on our shipping partners, including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL.

Without these amazing people who trek through exhausting heat, snow, rain and hail, we wouldn’t be able to create your customized gifts or get them to your teammates and clients across the globe. We are so grateful to regularly see the same faces who have generously shared their phone numbers, helped us track lost units, assisted in loading thousands of gifts, and continue to accommodate special requests throughout our busiest seasons.

In short, THANK YOU! We see you! We appreciate you! And we know that we wouldn’t have a thriving business without you!

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