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Train Like An Olympian

25 Jul 2021
Train Like An Olympian

Every couple of years, the world joins together to watch many of the globe’s most elite athletes show off their focus, intense dedication, and athletic prowess. These amazing Olympic athletes spend two weeks making extraordinary fetes look nearly effortless. And as you watch Ryan Crouser launch a shot almost 77 feet, or Allyson Felix run to gold, you might think could I ever do that?

While we don’t recommend letting this thought linger for more than a moment, we do understand the temptation to wonder. Realistically, most of these athletes have spent their lives training and conditioning and even our attempt to humorously emulate could lead to injury.


That said, summer is the perfect time to take up a new athletic endeavor. From trail running to rock climbing to cycling, cool mornings and warm evenings are ideal for conditioning. If you plan to train like an Olympian, here are some of our favorite products that will help you forget the pain, tears, and both mental and physical fatigue that it takes to become a star.


Train Every Day

Using a journal to track your trainings, and list your daily, weekly and monthly goals will help to stay focused. Whether you are aiming for the podium or trying to be more consistent in your current efforts, having a place to track your progress is essential in keeping your eyes on the prize.

Listen To Your Body

This can be one of the hardest things to learn. Whether you are training for a marathon or just constantly busy, learning to tune into your body’s requests can be tough.

Fuel Yourself

Fuel can mean a million things but when working towards a major goal, think about what propels you. Of course food matters but other things can fuel you too. Do you have a motivator? How about a buddy to workout with? Do you have a great playlist? Is there a silver lining, like seeing the sunrise everyday?

Regardless of whether you want to train like an Olympian, it’s worth learning from these elite athletes.

They are at the top of their game, both physically and mentally. Some of our products may help you and your teammates get started, but ultimately, the individual desire is what needs to be there.

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